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The Time Of The Coming Of The Wearing Of The Hats 
11th-Jan-2013 02:19 am
New bicorne, with faux-ostrich pouf trim. I sort of love making these—so much bang for the buck. #HatterAtLarge

So this happened. Again. And I figured out how to get the ostrich-pouf-trimmed-edge effect with very little effort. Bonus: it glitters. This one will be coming with me to Boston's Arisia 2013 in very short order. You could be among the first to give it a spin! Do stop by!

Nota Bene: It works better if you imagine yourself conquering Europe while trying it on. We discovered this with the previous bicorne. . . . Unless being a glam rock pirate queen comes naturally to you, but I recognize that not all are blessed with this ability.

Hatting has been eating away at my time quite a lot lately, which is part of the radio silence but certainly not all. Let us see if I can manage some brief dispatches before the year runs away with me . . .

When not hatting, I've been working away at the printlab twice a week, one tarot card after another. November saw me finish up the Three of Swords and I've begun work on The Tower now, which is turning out to be tedious. On deck are a string of other perturbing cards - The Devil, Death. But then ideas for the Two of Cups popped into my head and are being remarkably insistent. To be honest, I think they all want to get done at once.

Aaaaand...I think it's done! #printmaking #tarotReversal (graphite transfer). #printmaking #tarot

After my gallivants to Boston, I will come back to a woodblock workshop with the splendid local talents of Tugboat Printshop. Which is giddyifying, and slightly intimidating. I am an intaglio girl, through and through. The graphic qualities of reduction printmaking do not come naturally to me. Perhaps I will play around with non-symbolic imagery, perhaps something as simple as hats? (I do love that image and a goof on it would be so pleasing.) We shall see, we shall see.

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