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Hand-Pulled Prints! Get 'Em While They're . . . um. Inked? 
24th-May-2013 10:38 am
Box o' prints! (Or, Help Me Pay For Another Year's Printlab Membership.) #printmaking #intaglio

Dear internet,

Would you like to come up and see my etchings? Possibly . . . buy one?

No, seriously. I have etchings for sale. They can be yours for a modest fee.

And while I do not entirely approve of what Flickr has taken upon itself to do to its site, I feel I should mention that I've finally collected all the cameraphone pics of the printlab, sketch book and general tarot card development into separate photosets. You are welcome to peruse them at your leisure. But the actual things themselves, they will be on the Etsy.

Thank you kindly.

Yours in ink,

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