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In Which There Are Sundry Prints For Sale 
2nd-Dec-2013 12:33 pm
"17: The Star" limited edition intaglio print
"Three of Swords" limited edition intaglio print16: The Tower limited edition intaglio print

Hey internet! It is that season of the year which we call The Time of the Coming of the Wearing of the Hats, which means that my hats are removed from the Etsy store so that they may be tried on and bought at arts & crafts shows (like Ohio Designer Craftsmen's Winterfair).

But don't be sad! There are still plenty of etchings in the shop, some illustrated paper goods from years gone by, and even some knitting patterns if you need that wool fix. You can use the coupon code INTAGLIO for free shipping through December 3, 2013.

You know, if you're into Cyber Monday and all that. I know that every working artist who sells online appreciates the ability to keep on being a working artist, with or without a Kickstarter. Thank you. Thank you for helping me keep on being a printmaker, thank you for helping me pay bills, thank you for helping me keep a roof over my head. Thank you.


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