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wound tighter than a pocketwatch
the inaudible and noiseless foot of time
In Which We Live And Learn And Move On To More Interesting Things 
19th-Mar-2013 11:45 pm
The Jane Austen fandom: they are not shoppers.

Or at least, not as far as I can tell, not particularly. I wasn't sure what to expect from them and . . . now I do. Hrm.

Daily progress shot of the Hat Cave - hats for Jane Austen Fest 2013 janeaustenpgh.org #HatterAtLargeDaily progress shot of the Hat Cave - in prep for Jane Austen Fest 2013. #HatterAtLargeDaily (nightly?) ((Knightley?)) progress shot of the Hat Cave - prepping for Jane Austen Fest 2013 #HatterAtLarge
Nightly progress shot of the Hat Cave - last minute prep for Jane Austen Fest 2013. #QuickToTheHatCave
Nightly progress shot of the Hat Cave - in prep for Jane Austen Fest 2013 #QuickToTheHatCaveNightly progress shot of the Hat Cave, the I'm-Too-Tired-To-Stand-Up edition. #QuickToTheHatCave!Nightly progress shot of the Hat Cave - in prep for Jane Austen Fest 2013. #QuickToTheHatCave!

In the short term it feels as though my efforts didn't amount to much, but I think that is mostly stress and lack of sleep talking.† To focus on the good points: I developed a new hat style in less than three weeks and the prototypes came out flawless. The (limited) response they received was all positive. And in the longer term, it means half my stock for Nova Albion is already made and I can therefore spend more time in the printlab and less time panicking.

Less time panicking is good. More time in the printlab is better, especially when it is filled with interesting conversations about scar tissue patterning on lightning strike survivors, linguistic-fu, geology nerdery—and printmaking techniques, obv. Thus, the printlab.

My preparations for the Jane Austen festival have left me with a small crate of prints and also a proper-type tax license, which means that Etsy will see some of my etchings sooner rather than later. Hurrah? (I hesitate to make promises about posting things because I am looking at my to-do list for the next month and the rate at which it grows onto multiple pages is just effing scary.) But I will sell prints to you, lovely people of the internets, at some point in the future.

Prints! Hats! I did manage to combine the two in my woodblock workshop back in January. For people whose minds boggle at the thought of one person doing more than one medium, I dedicate this to them.

As Miss Ess– says, it is me all over: "Oh sure, "Hm, what can I do that will require the tiniest blade + most # of bitsy yet articulated cuts? Oh... Anything."

Woodblock cutting is the order of the day! In other news, my fingers are now bruised. #printmakingBusted my butt this week to print this edition, all protective envelopes I have are ONE HALF INCH too small. #printmaking

† Stress and lack of sleep, you need to shut up and sit the fuck down.

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